Aug 4, 2021 • 45M

As Promised

Nothing but healing going on in a neural-laced world.

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William Vincent Carleton
Deeper discussions about the daily writing process, narrated by William Vincent Carleton.
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Hey Folks, this one is a little call to action, as co-creators. Do you like what you are listening to and reading? Are you feeling good about it? If so, please like it. Click on the heart, kind of thing. And if my offerings make you feel sour, please leave your feedback in the comments, as your feelings matter to me. Even more than that, your feeling good matters most to me. So however we can accomplish that together, is officially a big win.

Some of the things I am saying on here might come as a surprise to you. Some of the things in the novels may also generate the same effect. This is all to get you fired up or passionate enough to comment below. It’s open to all. I will receive your comments with love. All of them. That is my promise. I do that, like I said in this podcast, for the freedom of being able to write without obstruction, every day. It is a more than fair exchange. To be able to pursue so deeply that which has been designed to keep me and my loved ones afloat.

If you feel like you are uncomfortable during this ride, I need to know. Please share your feelings with me. Don’t keep it bottled up. This is a call to action, remember. Share your thoughts and feelings, please. Point fingers if it will help. Throw dirt. Get it out. I will receive it all with love. There is no way to shatter this mirror, I promise you.

With Love,