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Wish List.

Wish List.

Because everyone has one.

A wish list is an intimate thing. So much can go wrong with it, once sour thoughts intercept the message.

We must know, that it is thought, which drives the truck, which flies the plane, which moves apparent obstacles out of the way and reaches its destination true, and provides relief it has arrived safe and sound. Untouched.

Keep in mind that wishes only arrive if and when the system is organized so that it is prepared to overcome all obstacles. And that means the weather, the predictions, the restrictions, the comments, the doubts, the ridicule; all old phantoms of the past: the train must go on. You must feel your wish as true.

We all deserve peace and prosperity and total wish-fulfillment. This requires obsession.

Do you ever wonder why Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are so unbelievably rich during a global pandemic? It is because they have prepared their mind to overcome everything. And be comfortable with the discomfort. I am talking about growing pains that come from every doubt, every sneer, every snicker, and every bit of gossip and wallowed woes—all of this has no chance of affecting the love and passion they have for taking huge, shocking, potentially-career-ending leaps of faith. They have gotten used to it now. They are addicted. They are crazy for it, obsessed. With everything they do to where a day off is a torture, for such a train, cannot be stopped. Way too much momentum in alignment with the Creator for a troll to leave a mark or offer a shout that may be heard. Once you recognize a person whose purpose appears to be much like The Fool, you offer The Fool the keys to the ignition of their wildest dreams. I’d like to say I know some these men, as they all have been shattered many times, and built themselves up from the rubble, and they deserve better than the images now portrayed, but no matter, for they are thriving amongst the worst of times. I am talking the world is the worst she has ever seen herself, and that is saying a lot, as Terra has a long history here in comparison to humanity with many calamitous misfortunes. But Terra is still in this, because Terra is your Ancient Mother. She is the most beautiful image of grace in the Known. The Known knows this. And so we must better care for her, and restore her dignity. Starting by dimming the lights for a time, as the Full Moon approaches. For she is being violated so brutally. So much that Celeste, the Moon, must shine her heart at Terra, full blast. And Mercury must console her for a time.

Wake up now, it’s all right in front of you so you can finally step into the light and have a conversation from within. I am in that process with you. You are not alone. Trust me, I’ve felt desperate before and it makes you useless. It doesn’t compare to the uplift of LOVE. Nothing does. And that is the point of all this craziness everywhere that seems to torture us. Can’t seem to change it. So I’ve got to accept it. New exceptions, being made, every single day. That is why I counter it all with LOVE, it’s the only move I make on the chessboard, and it works, while we both obtain new freedoms, new pages, new thoughts, new science fiction to get totally lost in, every single day. I offer this to you.

Search in your heart after all corners of the rotten world have been explored, and realize that there are no nutrients being sent to the soul. It is an atrophied umbilical cord that is mended through LOVE. This cord is directly attached to your HEART-CENTER, which is an imaginary place to anyone who feels the soul’s worth is better worth dying and going away. A dead soul is a soul that has been starved of LOVE. Make no mistake about it, you won’t convince me otherwise.

So now that you know there is nothing the external world can give to you that would ever amount to the connection afforded by the Infinite Source of Creation, where your wish-fulfillment is properly transmitted and realized through LOVE. When you love yourself. So please, take this time to make a wish. Send a message. Have fun with the process. Invite no fears or restrictions. No limitations of time, and resources. Make the wish strong and make it count. The fuel which propels the courier truck, and everything else, is BELIEF. TRUST. FEELING IT AS REAL AS IF IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. That is the key. Incorporate this feeling if you are a person of meditation and prayer, and watch how it changes your life, real fast. All of those wishes that were once on standby, are now waiting for you to receive. And now you are. Now you are good. You are peaceful. You are creating every day. You are loving all life in your surroundings. Loving Terrans. For that is what we are.

This tank made of LOVE shall keep your fuel of desire filled to the brim, at all times, no matter how hazardous your present may seem, the promise is: Your infinite source of happiness shall remain safe, and protected, and properly distributed through LOVE.

And we have all seen our dreams be shattered by a runaway feeling. We must understand the explosions and distortions in life are not the tank’s fault. It is no one’s fault. There is no fault. It was a holographic scene being played out in front of you that reveals the truth as manifest—you thought, you felt, you materialized pain, you felt horror throughout your body. Now take responsibility for it. I will lift you up from the ground, and the rest is on you. For the exchange is plain and true, for EVERYONE.

LOVE FOR CREATION. LOVE FOR PEACE. LOVE FOR PROSPERITY. LOVE FOR TOTAL WISH-FULFILLMENT. That is the exchange. The contract is real, and active in all human beings. And it works fast and true.

You can’t avoid it. Try the opposite and examine life, and see if it is distorted or not. Love cleans your home like no other force. It cleans your life. It gets in there and scrubs the frames that you gave up on years ago. And makes them brighter than before you interfered with your dreams and happiness. I promise you.

That said, if you’re ever asking yourself why you wish for success, don’t waste your thoughts and energy with any other answer. It’s not for the money, it is for the CREATION. It is for the RESULTS GENERATED THROUGH COLLABORATIVE EFFORT. This formula works in concert with the Ancient Mother. With the Earth. We see it in the earth’s examples of how it brings more and more every season if we just leave it alone and think of ways to organize the creation so that it best serves us. This is all you have to do when you think now. Reorganization. Buffered by LOVE. Supported by LOVE. Sponsored by LOVE.

And that is why I wish to work with my heroes from the 80s and 90s and bring to life something new. Is that too much of a wish? Aren’t wishes supposed to be limitless in their reach? Aren’t wishes proof of faith? That through continuous loving thought—all shall be arranged?

Now let’s get onto the REAL talk, as I only use CAPS when necessary to show you how bumpy the road can be without LOVE. MAKE LOVE ALL YOU SEE. All you take from, all you ask politely for, ask, and get creating. Make it something. Make it move. Whether it’s your body or your mind, but get it moving. Try to keep the body in motion, no matter how, because it represents your dance to the keen observers you have planted in your world through thought, and they were promised a show. Because you promised yourself a show. This show should not be in a hospital bed or nursing home. Get yourself moving. Tell your story even if your body doesn’t like you dancing, persist until it finally gives up, and you dance again. You must dance to stir up the materials you need to generate droves and droves of LOVE on tap in all things. Get people watching, listening, and wondering, and feed them LOVE!

So when fears of death and sickness and other things come to you, in any number or form, whether ‘you get this if you do this, or you don’t get this if you don’t do that, or do this or don’t do that’, is the broken record that keeps telling you that this part of the ride does not go any further, and now it is time for you to get off. For your ego-charged thought just fucked you. Raw.

So you step off, and realize it’s not so bad, getting fucked raw by the ego, once you realize you did it to yourself. There’s actually something pretty cool about this newfound freedom of thought. It means, I don’t have to go to work. Not like before. I work when I wish to. I can write all day. I can watch movies all day. I can read all day. I can pray all day. I can find my purpose somehow, all day, so long as I keep exercising the mind and the body, knowing that all of its restrictions come from within, which was a personal order to show everyone the truth of humanity’s existence as infinite creators. Now look in the mirror.

As you may see, there can be moments of lag. Every gamer has experienced it. First thing you want to do after blundering your thoughts is to point the finger and blame the service provider. Not the best thing to do. Your service from thought is in the hands of the Creator, the same Creator that provides your lag-free experience, and it is your damn thoughts that keep getting in the way of 5-star service in every service area of your life from love, to work, to dreaming and play, it is yours through thought.

So fears of death looming around you at all times is a way of putting a stop to achieving total wish-fulfillment, unless your wish is for yourself and others to die. That’s not a wish, it is a curse. One that deeply hurts the soul—wishing harm upon anyone. People are your reflections. Beyond such hurtful thought having a way of killing the body, it becomes very taxing to the soul after repeated usage and verbiage. You feel it, because you fed it thought. Then come strange sensations that have been creeping up that weren’t there before and shouldn’t be now. What does this mean? Do I have something? Is something going on to my body? Should I go and see a doctor?

Yes, the Doctor has arrived and has provided you with your free prescription, it is written in such a script that it recharges on its own, and the more you use it in intensified, macro-doses, the faster this results in your soul’s recovery. And since you are still here, with a heart that’s ticking, that means that the medicine still works, and will get you back to feeling better than you were in no time at all.

Ready for the prescription? Well here it is, and by now it should come as no surprise, but you’re probably going to be skeptical and surprised all the same, because it’s free, and so damn simple for anyone to follow the directions:


There you go, there’s your prescription, and as you can see it provides service in return at no cost. Arranges your life in such a way so that it is manageable, as these are the initial stages. What comes from this, is your soul’s liberation, and you will find meaning from it, in your own, special, unique, individual way. Until you realize that you are One with everything, and nothing, all the same. Then you’ll stop worrying about everything, all together. Because nothing else compares.


p.s. While I’m sending out wishes, I wish for Tom Hanks to know that I think I have something special here. It involves typewriters, and we are both obsessed over them. Granted, my work isn’t for everyone but it’s sure done from the heart, and the daily production is here. I wish to work with the greats. My heroes. My heroines. Like Sofia Coppola. The one who turned everything around, and sucked in the world and made Lost in Translation which is an episode of magic, if there ever was one. It comes from a soul in repair. Evident in what is shown, versus what is heard. That is why I love film. I love creation. I wish to collaborate with those that I admire. And I promise one thing: My heart will always be open to a collaborative, creative, effort if I know I am in the presence of a master, who accepts trade and craft as the vital connection to the soul.

I am eager to collaborate. Grateful for a push toward someone who will gladly invite me in.

It is done. —I AM THAT, I AM—

And the rest of today’s pages, which describe all of this magic in full vivid-detail, to the point of reaching a settled conclusion, when you Subscribe. Things like this, happening every single day. And you get access to all of it.

Because it’s harvest-time.


Immortal Type
Typewritten Works
Typewritten Novels composed by W.V.Carleton (mostly) in Mexico City during the heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic.