Oct 7, 2021 • 35M

The Master of Loving Service.

Book #33 for the year 2021 brings messages of love, reserved for all Terrans.

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William Vincent Carleton
Deeper discussions about the daily writing process, narrated by William Vincent Carleton.
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You will notice in the podcast when I read that with the third line, instead of repeating ‘I am’ at the end, I just conclude it with ‘I AM THAT, I AM’ and it offers a better flow. It’s about the intention. The recording, like these pages, are one take, no repeats. That said, please feel free to write any rendition of this that will serve you most. If it is to be a focus on health and recovery, for example, you can make it so that I AM RECOVERED, I AM. I AM WORTHY OF RECOVERY, I AM. I AM PERFECT HEALTH, I AM. I AM THAT, I AM.

Basically the idea is to use I AM THAT, I AM, when the feeling is true in your heart, and THAT message gets sent out to the Universe, and is received without interference or interruption. The use of I AM THAT, I AM, is the message that returns to you from the Universal Mind, or Creator, or God. They are the same words spoken by God to Moses at Mount Sinai. Affirming that the seed has been planted, and change is already happening in alignment with your highest good, and everyone involved in your prayers, right now.

It is a most beautiful practice, that is a blend of what I have learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Norman Paulsen (an original devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, who is responsible for bringing yoga to the west, and was a dear friend of Mahatma Gandhi, to where half of Gandhi’s ashes are buried at Lake Shrine in Los Angeles). It involves elements of Kriya Yoga.

I have found that if you can imagine light traveling up through your spine on the first line with an inhale, and your crown chakra opening with the line of worth (what you are worthy of receiving) and rainbow light pouring down with the third line, and the fourth sending light out to the Universe with the exhale, you will have done all that is necessary to communicate a transmission to God and facilitate immediate change to your life.

It’s a form of square breathing. Try it for 30-days and keep me posted. I’m curious to learn how things go.

Much Love,