Wayside Driver.

Interference makes the difference.

Just a bit of what you’ll find in today’s episode.

So, I plan on streaming again. I’m going to try Twitch even though I have considered YouTube, this is the forum for now. I’ll be streaming as “Immortal Type” and as soon as I have the exact link I’ll post it here, but for now the name is registered, just haven’t streamed yet, so this will be a test run, but I’m excited to show you what has been in the works. A little bit of music, writing, and cats. Relaxing creative time is what I’m looking to share. Playing old vinyl from Mexico. Doing some Tarot readings. Share a song or two. And snuggle cats intermittently or just do cat ASMR, which I’m sure Charlie will reveal to you in short order. Things to look forward to, and more on that tomorrow.



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