The Magician.

The return of Old Clunker is a mystery.

I don’t remember buying this typewriter. It’s a mirror image of Old Clunker. Same year. Same case. Even comes with the key to it. Works well and has the big old font that I have been missing. It’s back, and I don’t know how, because I left it in Mexico—my favorite typewriter. Wrote 33 books on it this year. We have been through a lot.

It’s back and has a sticker on the back that says Saint Joseph’s Cash Register Co., St. Joseph, Missouri. Open the case and inside it says nothing. Same old cobwebs that my Old Clunker adorns.

Dropped a new ribbon on it and off I went, realizing this was the chapter of the Magician, it lined up well for me to have some good, clean fun tonight. It has officially become a book of betrayal. Let’s see how long the characters can sustain themselves.


On may enjoy a Tree House Very Hazy Double IPA while writing.

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