Aug 20, 2021 • 45M

The Empress.

Many characters explored day. Enough to warrant a podcast, and a short film.

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William Vincent Carleton
Deeper discussions about the daily writing process, narrated by William Vincent Carleton.
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Okay, one thing at a time. That’s what I have to keep on telling myself as it’s now 8:10pm and I have yet to eat at all today. Done fasting, it’s time for some pizza. Maybe I’ll afford myself a beer, too. But no more piping and typing.

Caught another beautiful moment on film today and I’ve decided to organize what I have like the first. A film for separate days, and keep it raw, with few to no edits, and no edits in the music either, aside from a fade if necessary, just a free soundtrack from so no folks get upset about it. Talking some pretty raw, low-budget, minimal-effort, high-inspiration film making. And to do it in black and white, I imagine would be beautiful.

First thing’s first, here are the pages. And you’ll see the podcast is there too, there is no narration this evening, as the sermon went way too long. But I feel it is a necessary one that you may very well appreciate.

Along with these pages. My little daily tithing that is good for the soul.


Here’s the short film Magdalena’s Waltz: