Tarot Reading 28-4-2023

Including ASMR triggers for tingles and deep relaxation, concluding with a recording of a local running brook with birdsong.

This card drawing and the journey within becomes activated after viewing. Maximum benefit comes once you focus on the highest good of all involved with calm, ease, and confidence. Rest assured all seeds for an optimal future are planted. The Tarot is a very old game, designed to benefit humanity by facilitating life change for the better.

These readings are spontaneously conducted so I my ego has little to no chance to interfere. I ask that the Lord bring you empowerment, health, well-being, wealth, and Love.

I conduct this reading in service to God.

Please remember to pamper yourself this weekend. It’s deserved. Victory is in the cards.

With Love,


p.s. I now conduct personal readings with affirmations tailored to your specific needs. A video recording is included with the service.

Please email: immortaltype@substack.com and tell me about your specific needs. I look forward to serving you.