Subatomic Art

A therapeutic system that heals you on a subatomic level through the power of imaginative thought.


It was a significant day, yesterday. My dad took out the Waterford crystal and after looking at the wine refract in this glass, I took photos, gave it a Silverline sheen, and started line work.

After a day of sticking with it, this is what I have.

The art is subatomic in that the digital canvas allows a perpetual zoom. I move up on a subject, bring it into focus, and then zoom in again. Select, copy and paste onto another canvas, and do it all over again. Eventually you zoom in enough where you’re at a subatomic expression of the canvas from where you started. It’s an approximation. And the line drawing gives it structure in a wheel format. A 3D wheel is naturally formed using this technique with Waterford crystal. This is a discovery I made yesterday. As you spin the canvas, the story changes. It all clicks into place automatically so long as you start at one of the six sections of the hexagon.

As the line work blurs from magnification, I focus on the subject and bring her to life. I pull her from the canvas.

Now let’s move on to some other story with a rotation of the hexagonal wheel.

Here is a pyramid that wished to show itself. Along with an eye in the sky, and possibly a messiah-figure to its right. Several other elements are here, and if you look carefully you will see the female acolyte on the right hand side. What you’re looking at is the inside of a Waterford crystal wine glass, with very fine-detailed line work over it. And then I focus on whatever elements I see and I highlight them. They often end up looking futuristic.

Here’s another rotation and the canvas changes on its own.

Here’s one that I really loved so much I had to start coloring. If you look carefully you’ll see the sun and the moon and even a little glimpse of Mother Earth and if you look even further inward you may just see your own Spirit.

That is my prayer. If you enjoyed this art—I’m happy to teach you how to do it. If there’s enough interest I’ll offer a class.

With Love,