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Quiero Chichi (2023)

A film.

Two days ago I recorded my morning walk in Spanish. Happy with the result, I repeated it today. By the time I was at the frog pond where I reflect and offer readings and affirmations, torrential rains set in. Then I felt a deep longing for my children, and was reminded of our caretaker Demetria who has been serving my children for over eight years in Mexico. She’s an indigenous woman, faithful to God, a saint. An incredible mother in her own right. A loyal wife to her husband. A caretaker for many, always offering love, never asking for anything in return. Never complaining. Always loving.

This film is dedicated to her.

By midday, contemplating whether I should publish the raw video, (as I break down crying mid-recording, mucous flowing from my nose—iPhone saturated, mic malfunctioning…) I installed Garageband on my Macbook and started scoring the film, building a soundscape to accompany the Tarot draw at the onset, and the forest walk.

It’s experimental, done in one day, zero budget. Ha…

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