Livestream Starts Tonight.

Soft launch this evening. Twitch is hosting.

Hello All,

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be going live on Twitch this evening at 10:30pm EST. Was planning to stream earlier and am still configuring the tech. Almost dialed in. About to make the inaugural launch.

Hope to see you there. There is no cost. And while you’re watching, don’t forget to sign up on Twitch and follow my channel to receive notifications when I’m live as I may not remember to post a message like this regularly. We’ll see, this is all a big leap for me. is the link to watch me live, or you can just click the banner below and you’ll be routed to Twitch. No account or payment necessary. I will be making it 18+ as I’ll be intermittently narrating my pages (which at times contain adult language and content, as do my words), and so if you’re watching with your children, there may be the occasional F-bomb, or discussion of adult themes, as form of individual artistic expression. So, viewer discretion is advised.

Come stop by and leave a message in CHAT. I will interact with everyone.

And for those who are in the know, you can catch Bob Ross on repeat on Twitch. It’s a hidden gem: