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How I was Constructively Discharged from Naugatuck Valley Community College.

How I was Constructively Discharged from Naugatuck Valley Community College.

And how this led to my financial freedom, restoration of dignity, and renewal of the soul.

Thank you, NVCC. For what came to me after what was taken. I feel satisfied knowing this proves the Universal Law that you get what you give, and like attracts like. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. And LOVE prevails.

To think, NVCC’s motto is: We’re here for you. I get it now. I’m rolling in the bank because of NVCC, and that wouldn’t have been the case if I hadn’t gone through what I did when I was there. I tell you, right now, as I type these words, it feels so damn good. I never have to work in an office another day of my life. Never have to placate a supervisor. Never have to take it up the ass while pretending I’m happy about it.

Okay, let’s dive in:

Back in November 2019, I had a conversation in Mexico City over a cup of cacao with a woman who I no longer have contact with, and it’s better this way, as I’m sure the feeling is mutual. She said to me: “William, you are going in this alone, I hope you understand that. And it’s going to be hard.”

At the time, I was explaining to her that I needed to return to the US to attend a hearing with the Commission for Human Rights and Opportunities. Not sure what the commission means when it includes the word opportunity. Perhaps it was the opportunity to waste my time. And place me under further financial stress by having to fly back and forth to the states. Just remember the theme now: You get what you give.

Now the reason why I was called to the states was because I had a pending investigation with the CHRO in which I filed for sex discrimination in the workplace, stating I had been demoted without reason, which was all a form of constructive termination.

My reason for filing was backed by something like 80 pages of documentation, including emails, a testimony by myself, an article in the NVCC newspaper, The Tamarack that was laden with misandry that attacked all men in general, and the cherry on top was an existing copy of my job responsibilities revealing how I was demoted without warning or reason, after receiving a Merit Award from the President of the community college just months before the demotion happened, and how my current job responsibilities from NVCC HR as of March 2019, just a month before I resigned, showed that my job still was responsible for coordinating the Women’s Center and Multicultural Affairs.

Now, before I ramp this up, I wish to only recognize the individuals that I know from the bottom of my heart, serve the students at NVCC with complete and total dedication. So I did that in the podcast.

The rest, well, I won’t mention by name, because I wish for those who actively took part in my wrongful termination to have peace with this. That’s what this podcast is about. Peace. And movement in the direction that serves all human beings, male, female, folks who are transitioning: Terrans, for the lack of a better pronoun. Those born on Planet Earth, which includes all of us, no matter what you try to say, or argue, we all come from here. And we are all indelibly connected.

And we are responsible for maintaining Terra’s health, and the well-being of its inhabitants.

I don’t like to point fingers because it puts my infinite power as a co-creator into the hands of external circumstances, and that’s like trying to play a videogame without holding the controller, just staring at the demo screen forever. My relationship with God, is the only relationship that matters to me, aside from the relationship I share with my children. That’s the truth. Everyone else, is welcome to come and go, and they do. Like many of the folks at NVCC. I only stay in contact with a select few.

This is a process of weeding the garden now, and subsequently tilling the earth, to make room for blessings in the future. For everyone involved.

If anything, this post is dedicated to the students of NVCC, specifically the English Language Learners, who were most affected by totalitarian decision making while I was there. I tried to advocate for them several times, and my words fell on deaf ears. In fact, all of the things that I mentioned pretty much were ignored.

Had my words been listened to, NVCC would have been much better prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of being blindsided, as I suggested for a long while that online classes be the priority, as the only business model in the Connecticut State University system is the one managed by Charter Oak. They are solvent, totally online, run from one small building while the rest of the universities in the CSU system are on their way to becoming bankrupt. Hemorrhaging funds due to the costs involved trying to run antiquated buildings that shouldn’t be open. Most if not all classes should be online, for the sake of staying afloat. I had been saying this for years, and NVCC opposed it, and now they have no choice but to embrace online courses. Remember the theme here: You get what you give. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It is law. Like attracts like.

I also suggested several times, to the staff members that mocked me regularly, that folks should invest in cryptocurrency to secure their beachfront retirement. As a result of my crypto investments then, I am financially free now.

But it wasn’t all roses right away. There were approximately 18 months’ time where I was destitute, having lost my apartment, my health insurance, not awarded unemployment benefits, because I decided to resign on “my own accord” even though just trying to stomach going to work was a near impossibility, especially in the last year or so. It was constructive termination as a result of repeated microaggressions, workplace bullying, and sex discrimination. And I had to suck it up, and report to work, and do my best, because the students needed me. Especially the English Language Learners, as I was the only bilingual advisor on campus. That’s right, the only academic advisor who spoke Spanish, at a Hispanic Serving Institution that sat in the heart of Waterbury, Connecticut which is predominantly Hispanic, and when I told folks I identified as Hispanic/Latino, I was mocked. My children were born in Mexico. They are children of color. Read my stories and you will see that I identify with Mesoamerican / Mexican culture deeply, and integrate it in my writing pretty much every day. Still, mocked, for declaring I was Hispanic/Latino.

I am Hispanic/Latino American. I can trace my origins back to the Iberian migration, between Spain and Portugal. I can also trace my lineage back to Scotland, Ireland and England. This makes me both Hispanic/Latino and White/Caucasian.

Not that this matters, as people who identify as Latino may be of any race.

Hispanic and Latino Americans (Spanish: Estadounidenses latinoamericanos, Portuguese: Estadunidenses latino-americanos)[4] are Americans who originate from or trace their ancestry to Latin America or Spain.[5][6][7] More broadly, these demographics include all Americans who identify as Spanish or Latino (regardless of ancestry).[8][9][10][11][12] As of 2019, the Census Bureau estimated that there were almost 60.5 million Latinos living in the United States (18.5% of the overall population).[13]

"Origin" can be viewed as the ancestry, nationality group, lineage or country of birth of the person or the person's parents or ancestors before their arrival in the United States of America. People who identify as Latino may be of any race.[14][15][16][17] As one of the only two specifically designated categories of ethnicity in the United States (the other being "Not Latino"), Latinos form a pan-ethnicity incorporating a diversity of inter-related cultural and linguistic heritages. Most Latino Americans are of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican, Guatemalan or Colombian origin. The predominant origin of regional Latino populations varies widely in different locations across the country.[15][18][19][20][21]

I say all of this, because after I was demoted without warning, I was asked to man the Spanish-speaking information desk at NVCC’s open house, when those who took my responsibilities for the Women’s Center and Multicultural Affairs were there smiling the entire time. I explain more of this in the podcast.

It’s about microaggressions. How much can someone get away with and not get caught or be held responsible for contributing to wrongful termination. Being told you keep fucking up and then deny it was ever said. Being criticized for how I dressed, and how I shaved my head, being told I looked like a criminal. It’s about hitting someone when they are down, when you know they are dealing with external circumstances of divorce and international family courts, and it brought me to focus on the students even more, and while I focused my efforts there, I started wondering — How is it that staff members may be suffering so much that they would rather harm other staff members than focus on serving the students? How the fuck do they have all of this free time if we are serving students all day non-stop in the CAPSS department? How is this an adequate use of Connecticut state tax-dollars?

In other words — if I could deal with all of this, and still tend to the students with all of my heart — what the hell was everyone else’s excuse? Connecticut tax payers, paying for state employees to make people’s lives a living hell.

Here’s the thing: Life only becomes a living hell if you allow external factors to affect you. So I decided after HR determined that my evidence of discrimination in the workplace was unfounded, to just let it go, and walk away from it all.

I resigned.

My resignation letter was the first formal letter I had written on a typewriter. I barely knew what I was doing with the machine, and it showed. Flaws throughout the letter. I was happy to have taken photos, as I will be converting it into a Non-Fungible Token and I imagine it selling for a good chunk of coin after the news outlets get their hands on this article.

Once again, you get what you give. People probably mocked the letter. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. And each time the NFT sells, I get a nice 10% commission for the rest of my life, anytime it sells to another would-be purchaser. To where it makes writing that letter, TOTALLY worth it.

Anyway — before we get into more details I have to explain that the CHRO hit me with a clause with my case, in that the events had to have happened within the last six months of the time I filed a complaint.

I had a lot of evidence from emails that had to be omitted as a result. But I was sure to get a copy of my current job description from HR within this window. To show how I was demoted without warning, and how I still had the responsibilities listed on my job description.

Here’s the proof of my job responsibilities sent to me by HR on March 1st, 2019.

Pretty hard to deny these were my responsibilities. And so NVCC knew this, and so they went ahead and produced an email that was never sent to me, and made it so that it looked like I had responded, and falsified documentation, stating it was sent to me in 2017 explaining my new job responsibilities.

And here’s the thing: Even if the document existed — which it didn’t — it wouldn’t have been admissible in this case, as it was outside of the 6-month grace period for submitting a complaint. All the same, this is what the CHRO used to throw out the case, stating that I was completely aware of my “Reassignment of my job responsibilities”

The bottom line is — this document was from March 2019, and this was the real document. Academic Affairs wished to demote me, without proving it was deserved. How could it be proven? Months before this supposed document came out, I received a Merit Award from the President of the Community College for exemplary work with my job duties, which included at the time, coordination of the Women’s Center and Multicultural Affairs.

This was a totalitarian decision made by the Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, who was out to get me from the very beginning, after I complained that the ELL Coordinator was not revealing her multiple measures for placing students into ESL classes. I explain more about this in the podcast, but it was a form of discrimination that was disenfranchising English Language learners in order to fill classes that were going to be cancelled if enrollment didn’t reach a certain number. These classes were in many cases non-credit, and paid out of pocket by immigrants trying to become socially mobile as quickly as possible and in some cases they had to take ESL classes for 3 years before they could start earning college credit toward their degree of choice. And I brought this to everyone’s attention, and no action was taken. The coordinator literally told me she didn’t have to explain anything to me, and hung up the phone on me several times when I called. Tensions got so high that the Interim Dean of Academic Affairs called me in to ambush me with the ESL coordinator, and thanks to the angelic presence of Dean Sarah Gager, I wasn’t crucified on that day. She was a guardian angel to me. And did what she could.

It was about a year or so later that the Interim Dean became the full Dean, and that’s when she did the demotions. She had been planning it for a long time.

And the ESL Coordinator always had it out for me, going back to the day I presented for the job. Turns out, she wanted my position, but I was more qualified. So she got the consolation job of ESL Coordinator.

So many folks didn’t want me to get my position, but at the end of the day, when you’re the most qualified for the job, no one can deny you without it becoming an issue of discrimination.

These wheels had been in motion before I was even hired.

Pretty juicy, huh?

I know this because I spoke with folks that were on my selection committee, that fortunately are no longer at NVCC and so I can admit this freely without any fear of retaliation coming to them. I kept scoring higher than the rest of the female candidates, and being bilingual was the coup de grace. No one could deny me the job. And this pissed off a lot of people. It pissed off professors and folks in the administration who wished to have a woman be hired in this role.

To make things even juicier—the woman who held my position before me, when I asked at my first interview why she left, I was told by the Head of HR that it was for “personal reasons” but the fact was she was overwhelmed with these job responsibilities and resigned, and the fact that I could handle them, and not only that, but receive a Merit Award for my performance, REALLY pissed off the administration that wished to make my life a living hell. They did a damn good job at it at the time. Oh, and all the Administration, and HR department, is manned by female staff. Pun intended.

And so I allowed misery to happen. Based on my own insecurities, and thoughts and convictions, all this crap materialized. See how I take responsibility for all of this now? You’re welcome. Now let’s be fair to each other and offer me an apology so that this never happens again to anyone else.

Do it not, and this will expand through the channels, and I will continue to become more and more wealthy as a result, and receive even more support when it comes to receiving the Justice I deserve.

I just want admittance that it was constructive discharge and discrimination toward my person for the way I was born. That’s all. Do that, openly and honestly, and I promise to pull this publication. I promise not to disseminate this. I promise to let it all go. I can’t say I won’t ask for unemployment benefits, and health insurance, because I was left destitute as a result of all of this. We’re talking more than two years of really hurting someone that came as a residual of all of this that happened at NVCC. I mean, someone’s got to pay for that, right?

Or not. I’m sure crypto will climb higher and higher. All the same, whatever Justice isn’t served on this end will come in other forms, as it has been, so long as I offer love and light to everyone.

And knowing that we are all mirror reflections of one another, I pray that we all take responsibility for the hardships of our lives, and replace all pain with love. From there, we heal, and we can really do some good things for ourselves and others.

With Love,


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