It comes and goes.

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And please know: this is a one-man university. A solo operation. Just me. I have no partner in crime, nor editor, nor ideal reader in my corner. I have mostly lurkers, and that reminds me I am in good company. And truthfully, I go it alone and leave my heart out there for subscribers to pick at and gnaw and use to heal themselves. All things said, if you think of a day where the writing seems too overwhelming to read, imagine writing it. Then scanning it. Then posting it. Imagine having no opportunity to edit it, or toss out a page that felt like a dud. It is ironically One Life to Live, here at Immortal Type.

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So consider subscribing. For a month to start, and get everything well aligned. Make it for the month of November. To finish the year strong with the help of Iupiter and Venus. I promise it will be amazing. You want yoga methodology? Counseling services? You want a behavior plan for your child? Want to learn Spanish? Want to learn English? Want to talk shop about typewriters? Want to compose music? I can help with this. I can even help you heal your physical body if you love yourself enough. And if you don’t, I can help you get there. So try it for a month, and see how it feels after. Ask me for what you need, and we will have an exchange.

And for today’s reading menu we have a nice 20 page day of writing. It’s been a while and it feels good to rev the engines a bit after much needed R&R.

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