World Record Breaking author William Vincent Carleton presents the art of "auto-type".

Ten or more typewritten pages, every day. With intermittent audiobook narration and podcasts. No edits, no page retakes. Paid subscription grants access; all pages.

Welcome to Immortal Type.

My name is William. Much like this Smith-Corona Clipper typewriter from 1949 that I interact with daily to write my novels, we are machines born in the analog world that have been forced to adapt to the digital, as a means of self-preservation. Typewriters are less than l00 years older than computers on the timeline of human invention, and will never be produced by assembly line again. They are mystical instruments, and have yet to be fully explored. I wish to honor the typewriter, and immortalize my footprint by interacting in this way with you. By sharing something that few dive into as deeply as I do, every day.

Immortal Type is here to give you practical tools for managing life. Enough to save you a lot of hard times, and costly education. This is here for those who feel they are slipping between the cracks, and need a LOVE pick-me-up. Don’t believe me? Let me know. Every human being is my mirror, and I’m all about healing the soul.

And while that’s going on, Immortal Type educates you on the writing process, with daily typewritten page samples provided free to all readers, and audiobook narrations plus .pdf copies of the scanned manuscripts reserved for paying subscribers.

All of my work is original, spontaneously born through the process which I call “auto-type”, in that my process settles somewhere between the spiritual experience of automatic writing, or channeling, with the understanding of the free writer’s goal: project completion, through freedom of expression.

The way I work is: no repeated pages. No retakes. Just raw typewriting from start to finish. I find this is the most enjoyable way to write, and produce works prolifically, with happiness, knowing there will never be another day of writer’s block.

I discovered the joy of writing through daily use of the typing machine, and I will show you how easy it is for anyone to produce works that you can publish, and be proud of, while immortalizing a part of who you are through the written word.

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery through the typing machine.

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