A Lover Awaits.

And a following leads to trust.

It was a near 8-hour flight this afternoon into evening, but we made it safe and sound to the final destination. (I ended up calling the streaming station the “nave” or “bird” or “spaceship” hence a flight we took.) And it was special. Pretty wild at times. With the cards presented to us, and the need to turn a lot of things around and how it would require a lot of work, but eventually it would lead to the right result, and all would work out in the end, and so on the pages went, and it was a total of 18 written on livestream. I feel very proud.

You can check it out here.

Watch the whole session unfold and present itself. Because these pages aren’t for free. Not unless you want them for free. You can ask me for them and I’ll gladly consider it for the first l00 Twitch followers. That’s right, for the first l00 I’ll give you a year’s subscription to Immortal Type for free. So to get your holiday gift you’ll have to click a button that costs you nothing to click. Nothing. It’s free. So do it, and you’ll get to read all of these pages, and let me tell you they are juicy.

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